Buddhist Insights is an entirely volunteer run organization. There are always projects to work on to grow the impact of the organization to help the community at large. If you have the desire, heart, time and skills, please contact us.

Active Projects


Monastery Building Projects:

  • Constructions skills are welcome! We are looking for construction workers, electricians, plumbers… and anyone who knows their way around with tools.

Skilled Professionals

  • Looking for landscapers, permaculture designers, and gardeners to plan next year’s garden

Operational Roles:

  • Event Processing: Posting upcoming events onto Eventbrite
  • Transcribe Dhamma Talks: Converting Dhamma talk videos into written form

Social Media Projects: Maintain & manage social media platforms.

Video & Audio Editing Projects:

  • Editing YouTube Videos

Graphic Designer Project: Design flyers for Buddhist Insights