Due to Covid-19 all day visits to the monastery are to be scheduled ahead of time and you can check our schedule of events here. We are currently accepting short-term residency applications here as well as long-term steward applications here.


Set a time to visit the monastery & the Monastic Sangha.

We invite people to join us for our regular community gatherings. Visiting for the day is a great opportunity to learn more about the monastery and develop a connection with the community. For more information, check our event listings.


Deepen your Dharma practice & make merit by serving the Sangha.

Staying for two weeks to a month is an excellent way to improve your practice of mindfulness and meditation, while developing wholesome mind states of generosity and virtue. The quiet and seclusion of monastery life can also lay the groundwork for deep insights. Read more about staying at the monastery here.


Draw closer to the Sangha by helping to support the community.

Many monasteries depend on the help of a long-term lay person. This person volunteers their time to take care of several necessary tasks while becoming an integral part of the community. In turn, the monastics can devote more energy to practice and teaching. Interested? Read more about our stewardship program here.


Join the Sangha to practice meditation & learn the teachings of the Buddha.

Retreats at Empty Cloud Monastery provide the conditions for you to deepen your meditation practice in an intensive and supportive environment. On retreat, we pull back from the business of everyday life and spend much of the day meditating—all within the container of silence and peace. Read more about our retreats here.