Statues for The Monastery

Even the sight of a Buddha statue can plant the seed of Dharma in a person’s mind – or strengthen the faith of those who are already faithful. Placing statues at a monastery is therefore a way to help countless beings establish the conditions for awakening.

Here at Empty Cloud Monastery, we have many plans to continue “Buddhifying” the monastery inside and out. If you would like to contribute, either by making a donation to the general statue fund, donating to support a specific statue project, or even donating an entire statue yourself, you can send us an email or make a donation to the Statue Fund here:



20 Row of Bhikkhunis, Wat Thepthidaram, Bangkok

Female Forms of Awakening

In the Buddhist scriptures we read of countless female disciples of the Buddha attaining full enlightenment. At Empty Cloud we wish to homage this legacy by putting in sixteen statues of female Arahants (enlightened beings), representing the Bhikkhunis (female monks) who attained enlighenment in the time of the Buddha. This will be in the form of two rows of eight, leading to a meditation platform housing a statue of Tara, a female Buddha.

If you would like to help us honor the female capacity for awakening, thus inspiring future generations of women to pursue enlightenment, please contribute to this worthy and meritorious project. Send us an email now for more info, or make a donation to the Statue Fund here: