Empty Cloud Monastery

Empty Cloud Monastery is a non-sectarian, gender-inclusive Buddhist monastery.

What exactly does that mean? 

First, Empty Cloud Monastery is a place where Buddhist monks of all genders live in community and practice the teachings of the Buddha. It’s also a place where those interested can become monks and receive training in the monastic way of life. Additionally, the monastery is a religious center where people can come and learn the teachings, practice meditation, build community, and enjoy time for quiet reflection. The monastery aims to provide an accessible refuge for those interested in living a contemplative life.

As a gender-inclusive space, Empty Cloud Monastery recognizes and affirms the right of all people to practice Buddhism, regardless of biological sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation. The timeless teachings of the Buddha are open to everyone, whether one wishes to practice as a layperson or as a monastic. 

We root ourselves firmly in the Buddha’s teachings of wisdom and compassion, and therefore invite anyone seeking to cultivate these qualities to practice with us.