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Local Alms Round

The monastics of Empty Cloud Monastery depart for their weekly alms round.

What is alms round (pindapāta)?

Buddhist monastics rely on the generosity of others. The alms round or pindapāta is a tradition where lay people offer food to monastics to sustain their spiritual practice for the day. Monastics walk silently with their alms bowls through the town or village, and if people feel inspired, they may offer food as a gesture of generosity and kindness.

Going for alms is not begging. The monastics simply walk or stand silently and receive what is offered. It helps to develop contentedness and humility in the monastics, and generosity and service for the people offering.

When and where is Empty Cloud’s alms round?

Currently, the monastics walk for alms on Saturdays through Montclair, NJ. The route begins around the Montclair Public Library at about 9 a.m. and ends at the Montclair Farmers’ Market. They remain at the Farmers’ Market until around 10:15 a.m. You may see a map below.

If you’d like to make an offering to the Empty Cloud monastics, you will be able to spot them along the way or at the Farmers’ Market.

Map of alms round route in Montclair

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Can the monastics walk by my place?

The monastics of Empty Cloud walk for alms in Montclair, NJ.

The monastics of Empty Cloud walk for alms in Montclair, NJ.

Potentially! If you live in Montclair and would like the monastics to pass by so you can make an offering, contact our dāna coordinator here. If you have other questions feel free to ask the monastics in person, or contact us.

What can I offer?

Sādhu, anumodanā! The monastics are happy to receive whatever food you may like to give. Please note that our monastics are vegetarian, and that one of the monks is allergic to food from the USA made with non-organic pesticides and herbicides. Your kindness and generosity is very much appreciated!

Fun fact: The word pindapāta is a combination of two words, pinda and pāta in the Pāli language. Pinda means “a lump of food” and pāta means “bowl”. So pindapāta means literally “placing of food in a bowl.”
The monastics give a blessing to two donors at the Farmers' Market

The monastics give a blessing to two donors at the Farmers’ Market.

Statues for The Monastery

Even the sight of a Buddha statue can plant the seed of Dharma in a person’s mind – or strengthen the faith of those who are already faithful. Placing statues at a monastery is therefore a way to help countless beings establish the conditions for awakening.

Here at Empty Cloud Monastery, we have many plans to continue “Buddhifying” the monastery inside and out. If you would like to contribute, either by making a donation to the general statue fund, donating to support a specific statue project, or even donating an entire statue yourself, you can send us an email or make a donation to the Statue Fund here:



20 Row of Bhikkhunis, Wat Thepthidaram, Bangkok

Female Forms of Awakening

In the Buddhist scriptures we read of countless female disciples of the Buddha attaining full enlightenment. At Empty Cloud we wish to homage this legacy by putting in sixteen statues of female Arahants (enlightened beings), representing the Bhikkhunis (female monks) who attained enlighenment in the time of the Buddha. This will be in the form of two rows of eight, leading to a meditation platform housing a statue of Tara, a female Buddha.

If you would like to help us honor the female capacity for awakening, thus inspiring future generations of women to pursue enlightenment, please contribute to this worthy and meritorious project. Send us an email now for more info, or make a donation to the Statue Fund here:



Food Dāna

Thank you for your wish to offer food to Empty Cloud. We rely on your generosity to feed the Sangha!

Please make your food offering in the following ways:

  1. Offer a meal to the monastic Sangha by emailing our food coordinator at food [at] (check our calendar below for available dates)
  2. Donate money towards food on and the residents will order wholesale from Lancaster Food Co-op.
  3. Order organic produce from the following retailers:
  4. Order from local restaurants to Empty Cloud:
  5. Pickup cooked food along the way and deliver it to the monastery yourself: (10min drive from monastery) (10 min drive from monastery) Vegetable Sandwich is organic and vegetarian)
  6. Come and cook a meal at Empty Cloud (this option is currently on hold until the pandemic is over).

DANA LIST – Items that are currently useful/needed (updated on 04/14/2021):


  • Organic Fruit & Veggies
  • Organic Fresh Basil
  • Organic Crystalized Ginger
  • Organic Ginger
  • Organic Instant Coffee
  • Organic Vegan Yogurt


Please make sure that all food items donated to the center are organic, as one of our resident monks is allergic to most pesticides and herbicides present in food made in the USA.


Feed The Hungry during Covid-19

As the pandemic began, countless people lost their jobs, their income, their relatives, their friends. And as the pandemic grinds on, the problem is not going away – it’s only getting worse.

Every week since April, Empty Cloud Monastery has been providing fresh organic food to families in need. As time has gone by, we’ve narrowed down our focus to serving local Latina women and their families. This community, comprising mainly essential workers, has experienced a huge number of sickness and death due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and their plight has been exacerbated by a lack of governmental support, job losses, and even deportation of family members by I.C.E.

Thanks to kind donations we have been able to feed more than forty families each week, giving food to about 150 people in need. We have seen that the program helps to not only address the emergency food shortage these families are facing, but that it’s also provided a source of nutritional, fresh food to families that don’t always have access to high-quality produce.

As we get more and more connected with the community, we would like to keep our program going! If you would like to nurture the Buddhist qualities of compassion and generosity, you can support our efforts by contributing to our project. All donations go directly to purchasing fresh organic produce, which is delivered to the doorstep of dozens of struggling families throughout the Newark area.


Donation Options:

$30 – Support one family for one week
$120 – Support one family for an entire month
$1200 – Support all the families for one week